Initial notes (notes.html)

notes from laster on in 1st day and 2nd day

paypal.html I was editing this when arrested

lawsuit_scc.doc Lawsuit in word format

final_law_suit.doc Lawsuit in FEDERAL FORMAT - tweek this version

moveline.doc This is the motion i filed for my last lawsuit. Its in Federald Format but NOT QUITE CORRECT

This site shows how the forms you file in federal court should look like. The lady at the court house showed it to me.

Oh!!!! No!!!!
A second lawsuit against the pigs at Scottsdale Community College!!!!!

On the last day of classes/finals/whatever in 2004 I was using one of the terminals in the cafeteria and a fat black SCC cop though I was a homeless bum and told me to leave. He said the building was close and I had to leave.

I though that was odd because the cafertia was still open. I asked the guy running the cafertial if he was open and if so when till.

He said yep he was open, i think he said he was open for anohter couple of hours.

I forgot to post the notes I took to this web site about the 2nd lawsuit I will file against the scottsdale community college police. but when I do i will post them here.


Test paypal krap

Snakes, Dog hairs, and rabbit barf!!!!